Kevin Vickers

Kevin who? You know, Kevin Vickers – the former Sargeant at Arms of Canada’s House of Commons, the ex RCMP dude tasked with parliament security on October 22, 2014? You remember the shooting on Parliament Hill? Michael Zehaf-Bibeau shot ceremonial guard Nathan Cirillo at the National War Memorial outside parliament in Ottawa. Gun blazing, Zehaf-Bibeau entered parliament, exchanging heavy gunfire with Vickers and Curtis Barrett of the RCMP. Oh, that man – his name is Vickers? Canadian Ambassador to Ireland, when did that happen? January 2015, who knew? Vickers did what? Holy crap, chuck diplomacy – this is outstanding. Once a sargeant at arms, always a sargeant at arms.

Decorum, propriety, diplomacy – bah! Stop splitting hairs. Kevin Vickers is a man of black or white action. Not excessive or unprovoked, simply actions required to mitigate disruption. The sweetest thing about this bad ass Canadian – he doesn’t even know it.


3 thoughts on “Kevin Vickers

    • Vickers officially resides next to Romeo Dallaire on my list of great Canadians.Stoic men of duty and honour who don’t seek spotlights or feed on media hype. Men like Vickers are few and far between.

      • This post reminded me of an interview I did with an Australian soldier who endured Tobruk in 1941. What they did in those 9 months was superhuman, but there was one story which has always stuck with me. He and three others were out on a forward patrol. They’d defeated the Italians (whom they called the “gentle-men”) and knew Rommel had landed up the coast and was coming. They heard a sound, an engine, and the way he retold the following was both hilarious and deeply moving. “Oh for Christ’s sake, they have a tank.” It was a German forward patrol, feeling out Tobruk’s defences. Behind that patrol (a tank, a half-track, and a truck carrying a platoon), over the horizon, were 600 tanks. The Australians had only rifles and an anti-tank rifle, a single shot 50mm. None of them had even fired the thing before, but instead of falling back they sucked it in, made some jokes, and prepared to fight. To their utter surprise, they knocked that tank out. The ricochet on the thing dislodged the guys shoulder, but he got in a lucky shot that seemed to have disabled something. The tank stopped. They were flabbergasted, and if that was a shock, then they were completely bowled over when after a few ferocious minutes of fighting the German’s turned around and disappeared back in the direction they’d come…. minus the tank. “What do we do now?” asked one. “We get the fuck out of here is what we do,” was the answer. And with that, the 9 month siege began.

        As you said, stoic. No nonsense. Do what has to be done.

        It has been said that the siege of Tobruk was the last battle conducted with a modicum of civility.

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