This Land Is Your Land

Yesterday Bernie Sanders warranted admiration and support, today Sanders basks in gob smacking adoration beyond my wildest dreams. Late afternoon dictated a sluggish path home, listening halfheartedly to CBC radio, alternating news, traffic, weather, gridlock melted into rush hour impatience. Without warning, ears pricked as Bernie Sanders spoken word rendition of “This Land Is Your Land” filled the truck. CBC had my undivided attention.

Regardless, or in spite of the possibility this cloistered Canadian missed the memo on Sanders 1987 “folk music/spoken word” album “We Shall Overcome” – fresh ears listened to This Land Is Your Land without influence, hype, suggestion, editorial or preconceived notion. Grinning like a mad fool, it didn’t make the slightest difference that “then” Mayor Bernie Sanders of Burlington, Vermont recorded the album almost 30 years ago. Surprisingly at ease with Sanders effort ( certainly not bile gagging as with William Shatner’s Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds spoken word ), subsequent mental polishes of Bernie’s patina flowed effortlessly.

Donald Trump spews inane platitudes, robotic Hillary Clinton’s tiresome politics beg boredom for merciful deliverance. Social media blisters with Trumpisms, news feeds glisten with fresh polls, projections and “presumptive” nominee dribble. Bernie Sanders indomitable vision of America plays second fiddle to Trump Tweets or Clinton’s righteous indignation.

News flash America – Bernie Sanders is alive, well and steadily gaining on Clinton. Citizens for Bernie aren’t stupid, they don’t equate social justice with communism, nor do they favour unfair taxation. They embrace This Land Is Your Land because like Sanders, they recognize the fabric of America is inclusive. Sanders supporters understand Trump’s “Make America Great Again” agenda is selective discrimination, the banality of Clinton’s wearying sound bites make them cringe.

Sanders “spoken word” has evolved into an anthem of sorts.  This land narrative forms the basis of numerous YouTube videos …..

With more substance than Trump or Clinton could hope to possess – Bernie Sanders for President.


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