Pup Pack

What goes through the mind of a person who thinks this is a good idea? Is he packing his pup to a dog park? Dropping it at doggie daycare on the way to work? Clearly this isn’t pup’s first pack, does it submit gracefully or kick up a fuss? Are doggie packs a thing, did I miss something?

2016-05-14 16.16.28-3

Apologies for image quality – it was a hasty cell phone capture in moving traffic. Click on the image, when it enlarges click again to magnify absurdity in all its glory.

6 thoughts on “Pup Pack

  1. As ridiculous as that image was, I’m far more annoyed at all the people — RV’ers among them — who insist on driving with dogs on their lap…. Grrrrr.

    • How driver lap dogs aren’t considered “distracted driving” is beyond me. A few years ago I looked after my neighbour’s Mastiff and Staffordshire Terrier. Driving my boxer and 2 neighbour dogs for a run in the woods, the Mastiff decided to get on my lap. Holy crap! Let me assure you – driving with 100 lbs. of dog on your lap isn’t recommended.Suffice to say measures were taken to insure it never happened again.

      • I’m so with you. When we still had our Bulldog he was never allowed, and that didn’t mean we didn’t love him!!!!! The thing is, that I see that more in large town than in rural U.S.A.. I’d expect it maybe in backwater joints, but there’s too much traffic in big cities — even if it WERE a good thing, which it isn’t. Write ‘em all a ticket!

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