Saturna Island Lamb Roast

My daughter is at the coolest Canada Day event imaginable. Envy blew a gasket when she texted this image a few hours ago.


Since 1950, 31 square kilometer Saturna Island (currently 350 permanent residents )has hosted a community lamb roast on July 1.

The Southern Gulf Islands, including Saturna.

Next Canada Day we plan to ferry, water taxi or float plane ourselves to Saturna Island for lamb roasted on open fires.Accommodation is scarce, we’ll likely pitch a tent next to hers in a clearing behind her friend’s parents house. Does it get more Canadian than that? Happy Canada Day.

4 thoughts on “Saturna Island Lamb Roast

  1. Oh man…. Now I HAVE to come to BC! LAMB!!!! Lamb!!!!! Glorious Lamb!!!!!
    I need to get a reservation. Oh, and happy Canada Day to you!

    • My daughter talked about the Saturna lamb roast for several years. Her friend’s parents are permanent residents. This year was her first trip. I never gave it much thought or bothered to research the festival. In my mind it was a family and friends BBQ on the parents private property. Shame on me and who knew! Seriously – how cool would it be for you and Peg to rendezvous with myself and Tom on Saturna? πŸ™‚

  2. Oh, wow…I’ll bet that it smelled delicious! I’ve been to a luau with a whole pig roasted on hot coals – so that looks like it would have been awesome!

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