Define “Great”

Donald Trump’s presidential aspirations march to the beat of “make America great again”. Pardon my ignorance but which model of American greatness does Trump pine for? Does he yearn for America before the civil rights movement ruined everything? Was America great when African Americans knew their place? Might America have been great when entitled white boys avoided the Vietnam draft, conspicuously absent while America forced countless impoverished white and minority citizens to die fighting a pointless war? Did the torch of greatness wane when dastardly liberals insisted women deserve equal pay for equal work?

Wait a minute – I’ll ask a Trump supporter on Quora, Quora’s strict moderation demands polite sincerity, all I need is a straight answer. Oh crap, what was I thinking? America was “great” before Barrack Obama, Obama ruined everything America holds dear. WTF you raving Trump supporter lunatic! I’m dangerously worked up – read this explanation of America’s lost greatness and feel my pain ….

“Its logical to say that America didn’t stop being “great” in one day, right? Therefore there technically wasn’t a date when is stopped being great. I believe that Donald Trump thinks that America stopped being great when all of its values such as freedom of speech, etc. started going down the drain. So I believe that American started to deteriorate its “greatness” when Barrack Obama became president.

First he managed to double the US’s national debt within his eight years of presidency of the debt of all the past presidents of America. The national debt started around the American revolution which let’s say was around the late 1700’s. When he became president, which was centuries later, he went from around 10 trillion, to a whole 20 trillion!

Also, Obama encourages the Black Lives matter group. It is good to give equal rights to all races, but when supporting that group, it increases the tension between all races and between police officers and citizens, and leads to much, much trouble.


I could go on and on, but to wrap it up, the America that once existed was a country that didn’t even think about races, genders, or any other way of grouping people, and treated everyone equally. Where you could speak your mind, without getting blamed for what you believe in. Where the values that built America are used in everyday life.

That, is the “great” America, that Trump believes is possible.”


22 thoughts on “Define “Great”

  1. So I ask myself, what is so great about great? Some English citizens have been crying for decades that Britain lost its greatness. That typically means “when they ruled the world” and when being British gave you great entitlement.

    Be good but please be not great.

    • Oh my goodness – you nailed the elephant in great rooms across the land. Great is the power elite buzzword for nostalgic, unimpeded assertion of flagrantly despicable control for personal gain. Great scoffs at civil rights, inclusion and conscience.

      • Why doesn’t America care that Trump’s father created the Trump fortune building tenements for the poor, fleecing the government in shady construction schemes and blatantly discriminating against minorities?

      • But you know the answer. Facts are irrelevant. Dumb perception is all. “Everybody knows I’m great. Hey, my wife thinks I’m great. I’m a great business man. Everyone knows this.”

      • If Trump hadn’t stared in reality television Celebrity Apprentice, America wouldn’t give him the time of day.If America swallows the Trump pill, I’ll turn my back, close my eyes, plug my ears and consider America the most pathetic example of greatness in the world.

  2. I thought ‘great’ referred to our standing in the eyes of the world. We used be #1 and under obama we were down to #3 or #5. Our schools used to be near the top with several other countries and then we were closer to the bottom. None of this happened quickly, and not just one party is responsible. Obama hurt America faster than the others. I read some of his book and he said that America did not deserve it’s place as Top Dog [my words, not direct quote from the book.] Why not? Should it be a communist nation where freedom is not allowed? Trump wants to get rid of the laws that bog down business growth. How’s that bad? He wants to let us keep our freedom to worship who we want. Obama wanted to take that away and have everyone worship Allah. Obama wanted to change or get rid of our Constitution. That is a unique document that has worked well for generations. Yes times change, but the Constitution remains the same and needs no changes.

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