WTF Donald

Earlier this week Donald Trump blithered utter nonsense at a campaign rally in Florida, regurgitating fantasy the following day in Maine. Trump’s outbursts tend to flow within spillways of generalized chest thumping hubris, moronic sound bites selling Trump’s “brand” to America – this jibber-jabber gem was different. The nincompoop’s head, bloated by gases of maniacal impunity from truth or reason, pulled a nut salad from his ass.

Trump vehemently claimed to have seen a video showing $400 million being taken off an American airplane in Iran. Trump suggested the cash was ransom paid by America to release hostages. It wasn’t – the footage in question aired on Fox News showing released Americans stepping off a plane in Geneva. (full story linked below) Trump’s false assertion the video was “leaked” by Iran to “embarrass” America, in particular President Obama caught exchanging money for prisoners, went from simmer to boil.

“I wonder where that money really goes, by the way…. Well, it went either in their pockets, which I actually think more so, or toward terrorism — probably a combination of both,” he said.

Game over, damage done. Trump’s shrewd grasp of constitutional free speech capitalized on free to lie, manipulate and bend truth for personal gain. Yep, America is the greatest nation on Earth – Trump dishes constitutionally condoned propaganda, Fox News eats it for breakfast, catatonic Trump supporters froth at the mouth, conspiracy slithers from Trump’s ambiguous retraction, fact becomes cover-up, coming full circle – placing the onus on truth for daring to debunk nut salad. WTF Donald is tip of the iceberg – WTF Hillary, WTF constitutional right to political free speech lies, WTF people incapable of grasping dangerously stupid politicians exist because dangerously stupid free to speak whatever you damn well please constitutional leniency put them there. WTF America.

Not for a second have I considered my lawful right to free expression compromised in any way. Do I live in the greatest nation on Earth? Reside in a super power bastion of enlightened democracy? Patch together truth based on late night television comedy sketches? Tune into national news networks anticipating the task of exhaustive research to determine truth, or worse, exclude all news other than media geared to my religious/political bias? Does my life require constant affirmation, strife over faith, sexual orientation, civil rights or fear mongering propaganda? None of the above – I live in Canada.

WTF Donald is unimaginable in Canada. WTF Donald thrives in America because the Fairness Doctrine (Federal law implemented in 1949 requiring holders of broadcast licenses to air opposing viewpoints on topical or controversial issues ) was struck down in 1987. The Fairness Doctrine kept broadcasters from monopolizing airwaves with biased opinion.

WTF Donald has little to do with Trump, everything to do with America’s systematic escalation of disregard for truth. WTF created the likes of Trump. Truth be told I harbour a growing fascination over the possibility Donald might prevail. Distasteful as that seems, “President Trump” could be the jolt America needs to WTF lawmakers into reinstating the Fairness Doctrine.