Pondering The Newsroom

The Newsroom was an HBO political drama series that aired from June 2012 – December 2014. Starring Jeff Daniels as Will McAvoy, news anchor at fictional Atlantis Cable News. Twenty five episodes over three brief “seasons” cemented The Newsroom atop my list of remarkable TV productions. Posted below are a handful of clips chosen to illustrate America’s indifference towards common sense truth – scripted Will McAvoy snippets ringing truer than anything blithered on non-fictional U.S. media today. The content may be dated, the message is anything but.



4 thoughts on “Pondering The Newsroom

  1. I sometimes wonder what impact national population has on news. I know that is a completely different wavelength than where you were going with this post, but with U.S. population at approximately 10X the population of Canada I sometimes wonder which if any of our national traits would be different if we were a smaller nation. My personal reading has had me thinking about the way in which other nations have forced the boundaries of some of the poorer, smaller nations such that different ethnic groups are suddenly parts of a ‘new nation’ and how that entanglement complicates forging a nation. Which of course is something that we are attempting to do — rather poorly. But the results of those hodge-podge nations have historically been genicide in all too many cases (Middle East, Africa, etc). Just wandering around in a world of other thoughts today I guess.

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