Hoo Doo Notes

This photo cracks me up. Snapped last week at the Hoo Doos in Drumheller, Alberta – absurdly stiff Notes locked in shapeless dress disregard for the passing parade. Surrounded by movement, shape and contrast – a photo bombing interloper caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Vanity begs common sense to delete without hesitation, yet I can’t bring myself to eradicate a great photo.

A chorus line

4 thoughts on “Hoo Doo Notes

  1. That photo is enough to build a novel on! Four such disparate stories in a single frame.

    There was a while when I was fond of going to places with tourists and taking pictures of the tourists taking pictures. Not only were they hilarious because of their diversity but there were stories there to be told. This one reminds me so much of a goodly number of afternoons spent just watching other shooters.


    • I’m partial to the Japanese tourist positioning her selfie stick – so great πŸ™‚ Wish you could see the entire hillside, above us hundreds of people happily posing, pointing, scrambling along trails and figuring out how to get grandma down without calamity.

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