Pondering Patriot Bat Shit

Next News Network wasn’t on my radar, never heard of founder Gary Franchi or crossed paths with his vision of “patriot” news until idle cosmic research landed on this video. 15 seconds in “could be home to aliens”, turned confirmation of habitable zone planet Proxima, four light years away in the Proxima Centauri system into a global conspiracy. A minute or so into the segment “discovery deliberately kept secret”, coupled with liberal sprinklings of “alien” reference raised WTF red flags.

Rather than scream “moron”, I delved into the world of Next News Network. Dubbed N3 by painfully obvious media strategists, entering the realm of “your most trusted liberty news network” began with a mission statement –

Connect people from around the world with an online, interactive hub for news and entertainment to share facts, issues, tips, and ideas – free from corporate influence – in order to broadcast pertinent truths the world should know.

Wow –  “broadcast pertinent truths the world should know” is the definition of “liberty news”. American liberty depends on stoic patriots willing to speak the truth of alien conspiracy instead of scientific actuality?

“empower our viewers with actionable information, enabling each to pursue their own life, powered by liberty and happiness, just as our founders intended.”

Growing determination to comprehend patriots, liberty and Next News Network landed on one name – Gary Franchi, driving force behind N3 and patriot committed to liberty for all Americans.  “Who is Gary Franchi” on the N3 website began with –

“If a person’s character can be measured by the enemies he makes, Gary Franchi received a significant endorsement when the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) listed him as number nine in its roster of patriot movement leaders in 2010.”


Stop! To be a patriot dedicated to American liberty as intended by the founding fathers, you have to piss off the SPLC – a non profit organization dedicated to matters of hate, racial injustice and civil rights? Franchi, a patriot so tickled, his bio opens with puffed chest delight over the accomplishment. Wow.

Never mind N3 reports of alien conspiracy, lets look at “pertinent truths the world should know” in regard to Hillary Clinton. In the interest of liberty, patriots at N3 reported proof Hillary has Parkinsons disease.

According to N3, Hillary always wears pant suits to hide a catheter. A catheter that’s “pissing on her election chances” . N3’s source, “a nurse”. Seriously, words escape me – watch the video.

The dictionary defines patriot as –

– a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.
– a person who regards himself or herself as a defender, especially of individual rights, against presumed interference by the federal government.
Watch this clip –

 Patriot bat shit flourishes in America, propaganda has never been easier. Reel in a target audience, profess patriotic liberty, call it news, sit back and watch it gel. I doubt the founding fathers imagined an outcome this diabolic or damaging to their vision of America.