10 thoughts on “Vancouver Zombie Walk 2016

  1. what IS the fascination with Zombies? I just don’t get β€˜them’.

    part of me still grieves the end of a world where there were positive outcomes, future glories, and knights and shining armor. post apocalyptic everything really brings people down.

    • In my humble opinion zombie phenomenon/obsession is generational. My daughter (now age 31) developed zombie concerns in her very early teens. She has vivid, repetitive zombie nightmares to this day. As parents we addressed zombie dread with matter of fact zombie talk. Obviously she knew fear of zombie apocalypses were irrational. That said, repetitive zombie nightmares called for a workable solution well outside dismissive “don’t be silly”. The family game of zombie defense positions was born – what if zombies were at the door, consider variables – fast or slow moving? If separated, where would our family meet, how would we get there? Same thing when we traveled – assess the hotel for zombie defenses and agree on safest fall back position. I could write pages on zombie attacks but don’t wish to bore you. Suffice to say it became a source of endless discussion, one which taught critical thinking and resourcefulness. To this day we remark on zombie defense strategy. πŸ™‚

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