4 thoughts on “Timelapse

  1. Timelapse photography reveals hidden beauty. I feel overwhelmed by the immense power and beauty. There have been times in my life where I had the opportunity to watch storms over the ocean while I sat safely on shore or on a ship. At those moments, my heart felt as if it stopped beating because I couldn’t fathom the awesomeness of what I witnessing.

    • I’m supposed to be sleeping but have too many thoughts rattling about. Then you come along with a comment that mirrors my wonder – now I’m grinning like a sleepy fool, happy to have made your acquaintance. Sleepily anticipating an opportunity to exchange ideas with someone I sense is grounded and open minded – goodnight and back again tomorrow.

  2. I love these. Human’s have such a narrow spectrum of sight and time. What is out there that moves too slowly or too fast is a wonder. Time lapse, femto photography – there is so much wonder left for us to see!

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