America – Why Don’t You Get It?

America – take a three minute break from tedious blithering you call freedom and democracy to watch this video. Understand – congratulating yourselves because Negroes no longer sit at the back of the bus makes my skin crawl. America is a nation divided by race, in many ways an uglier nation than existed at the dawn of your civil rights movement. Calling yourselves a great nation, professing to be a world leader, last bastion of promise in a world of misguided subordinates – makes me cringe.

It’s business as usual until the Negroes get uppity. Nobody likes uppity Negroes. Least of all trigger happy police officers. Watch this clip, then ask yourselves why African Americans cry “black lives matter”.

9 thoughts on “America – Why Don’t You Get It?

  1. I wish the U.S. was the only place on earth where racism existed. Humans have been killing and enslaving others who were different from themselves for a long, long, long time; it’s nothing new to the U.S. and sometimes we humans have done it openly as ethnic cleansing or extermination camps — and other times we have hidden our hatred under cover of darkness and legislation. Sometimes you don’t even have to be a different color, or speak a different language, we have seen blood-feuds and vendettas that had nothing to do with race but which lay within much smaller borders.

    That any people should think them selves ‘great’ ought not to be surprising. Who in the world really thinks they are “horrible” — that’s nothing more than the animal’s way of self-justification.

    That we are from time to time exorcised by atrocity is good; but to lose site of the fact that to become incensed often ends up as nothing more than an attempt to push water uphill without webbed hands.

    As long as there is unhappiness, people are going to blame someone else. As long as there is power, people are going to grasp for it. I wish this world was different but I have no idea how to change it. What’s worse, I don’t think most humans really want change at all. Most of the time we’d rather stick with what we know — no matter how flawed.

  2. Some people misunderstand the phrase, “Black Lives Matter.” The phrase is not saying that all other lives do not matter. It is trying to bring a serious problem to the forefront of our minds, and until America (and other countries) start to address their prejudices, we will not begin to solve societal ills. Thank you for your “rant.”

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