This Canadian watched in disbelief as U.S. news media dissected Donald Trump’s comments to entertainment reporter Billy Bush. Trump’s candid delusions of sexual entitlement unnerved Republicans to the point of mutiny. Sneering satisfaction of grabbing women by the pussy, too much for scores of Republican politicians compelled to publicly withdraw support for Trump. ( Link to withdrawn endorsements below )


Disbelief has nothing to do with outraged snorts deeming Trump’s pussy grab the last straw. Disbelief curls from America turning blind eyes to a pending federal lawsuit alleging Trump raped a 13 year old girl. Americans blither condemnation for Trump’s latest misogynist scandal, morally outraged Republicans withdraw endorsements and tongues wag suggestion of replacing him with Mike Pence. Holy crap! The wannabe president’s lawyers are scheduled in court December 16, 2016 for a “status conference” to determine possible settlement or proceeding to trial over allegations Trump raped a 13 year old girl.

Disbelief is a nation dickering over blustery pussy grabs, oblivious to allegations of child rape filed before Trump entered the race.