An hour of soul sucking channel transfers between Fox and CNN culminated in a single word – pathetic. Yesterday racist asshole, misogynist buffoon, contemptuous nincompoop, delusional windbag or televangelist troll rolled off my tongue to describe Trump – today, a rising crescendo of wretched absurdity delivered pathetic.

Ponder pathetic – pitiful, paltry, woeful, feeble. Yikes. We’ve wasted perfectly good energy blithering common sense protestations over a contemptibly inadequate clown. Gloves off America, call him pathetic, turn your back and walk away. Pathetic serves indefensible finality when dispatched appropriately, a stark and ugly realization capable of muzzling even the most delusional maniac. Donald Trump is pathetic, America needs to tell him so.


5 thoughts on “Pathetic

  1. In the best tradition of what to do with such an asshole, the US of Eh? will no doubt elect him to the highest office in the land and then sometime down the line when he doesn’t fulfill all his extreme right-wing promises – not even invade anyone, or run out of bricks for the Mexican Wall – someone will devise a plot to assassinate him.
    Or, get him a job at Disneyland?

    • No – pathetic is reserved for so called men who mock the disabled, use influence to take advantage of women, cry “rigged” like a child (Emmy’s were “rigged” when the Apprentice didn’t win, U.S. justice system was “rigged” when charged with Trump University fraud, FBI investigation of Clinton was “rigged”, and now the electoral system is “rigged” because Clinton is polling well ahead following allegations of Trump’s sexual assaults. Pathetic is the republican candidate for president facing a Dec. 16 appearance in New York court for charges of raping a 13 year old girl. Pathetic is a man limited to calling everything a “disaster”. Pathetic is “make America great again” coming from a man incapable empathy, compassion, inclusion, fairness, reason or truth. Pathetic is the reality of Americans who swallow Trump propaganda with nary a thought to ramifications.

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