Teotihuacan Notes

Technical difficulties sorted out – a re-post with images.


Thirty miles northeast of Mexico City, Teotihuacan (a founding member of my bucket list ) waited. Having spent a few days in Mexico City, skittish pre-travel advice/warnings to “book in advance”, “take a reputable tour” and “avoid public transit” had long since evaporated. We hailed a street cab, destination – Terminal de Autobus del Norte. At the bus station,  paid 46 pesos each (under $4 Canadian return trip ) and hopped a coach leaving every 15 minutes for Teotihuacan.

Going in I knew Teotihuacan (City of the Gods) was a UNESCO World Heritage site. The largest pre-Aztec city in central Mexico, covering 20 square kilometers, dominated by Pyramids of the Sun and Moon, both situated along Avenue of the Dead’s considerable 2.4 km reach. Above all I knew Pyramid of the Sun was lined with Mica, a sheet mineral prized for thermal conduction and electrical insulation properties. Mica quarried thousands…

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