Goodnight Leonard Cohen

News of 82 year old Leonard Cohen’s death found me driving home from work, they played Hallelujah and I cried. Home compelled So Long Marianne to fill the room. Not youthful or studio Marianne, I needed proof of Marianne in Cohen’s sinew. I found it in a live performance from 2012.

Cohen’s effortless spell rippled through the room. I saw an ageless man, a man whose beautiful presence transcended the shell of his being. Swaying melodically to the cadence of his unabashed existence, I whispered goodnight.


4 thoughts on “Goodnight Leonard Cohen

  1. i had no idea I saw ur post and checked the news
    He is one of my fav.
    His halleluja IS the one and only.
    he was a fantastic singer songwriter. His Whole person showed Respect
    We will miss him

  2. First time I heard him was while on holiday in France in the early 70’s.
    Never been a huge fan, as his music, like the late nick Drake is a bit too melancholy for me.
    But that first song, Suzanne, has stuck with me since the moment I heard it.

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