Limited Supply Of Space Pickles

With Christmas fast approaching, dilemmas over what to give someone who has everything arrive with predictable angst. Never fear – agonizing year after year just got a little easier. Who wouldn’t appreciate a space pickle?

Earth to Sky Calculus hails from Bishop, California, a small community in the Sierra Nevada foothills, population 5,000. Dr. Tony Phillips (production editor of science@nasa ) began teaching Calculus and Quantum Physics to his daughter’s 5th grade class. By 2010, the now high school students wanted hands on cosmic discovery – Earth to Sky Calculus was born.

Earth to Sky relies on crowd funding to launch weather balloons into the stratosphere. Research focuses on monitoring atmospheric cosmic rays, stress testing Mars microbles and development of biological radiation sensors. With over 100 successful deployments, Earth to Sky Calculus is recognized as a leader in edge of space research. So why a space pickle you ask?

Flights to the edge of space cost $500. Doesn’t sound like much, but one flight a week adds up. Innovative minds at Earth to Sky settled on bang for your buck. Donations of $500 grant flight to your imagination –  birthday cards, photographs, business logos, small personal items hitch a ride to the stratosphere. Immortalized on HD video with print quality stills to do with as you please. Or you can shop “Gifts From Space” for space pickles.

Earth to Sky declares “the Christmas pickle” a holiday tradition in America. Who am I to argue. Recently Earth to Sky sent several dozen Santa capped glass pickle ornaments to the edge of space. $49.95 secures a space pickle, every space pickle comes with a Christmas card showing your ornament in space. To sweeten the pot, Earth to Sky tosses in a “fragment” of the balloon that carried it to space (how they manage that is beyond me but I applaud the sentiment ) Act fast – supplies are limited.

Sour on space pickles? Thrifty alternatives jostle for consideration at the link below –


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