4 AM Birthday Party

Throwing myself a birthday party at 4 am is complicated. Not complicated in my existence, more justification for pouring another glass of wine between laundry’s wash and rinse cycle. Strictly speaking my 57th birthday expired at midnight, I say it’s history when sleep delivers a new day. Half an hour ago pre-dawn wine glow launched an ambush of conscience – everyone knows how much I work, so what if my birthday falls on the 12th straight day in a row and tomorrow makes 13. Why did I tell co-workers it was my birthday? Was I feeling sorry for myself?

My 57th birthday, 12th work day without a break started at noon and didn’t end at 2:30 am when I walked in the front door with a bundle of uniforms to wash for tomorrow’s parties. Oh crap, I’m feeling sorry for myself! Quick, wish me a happy birthday because laundry is done and my wine bottle is empty. Never mind, I’m going to bed ๐Ÿ™‚

9 thoughts on “4 AM Birthday Party

  1. I’ve never been one to restrict celebrations (of any sort). I’ve worked on holidays, given gifts for no reason and sipped my share of alcohol at whatever hour of the day it might have been — as long as it was late enough in MY day to make sense. Never let someone else’s idea of what’s right determine how you feel about yourself.

    That said… the only good part of having birthdays is that they are better than not having them. My maternal grandmother used to tell my mom, “Violet, don’t get old” to which mom would always answer, “What, grandma, you want I should die young?”

    So, a day late I say enjoy your own birthday at whatever time and in whatever way!

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