Enough With The Snow

Contrary to assumption not all Canadians thrive in winter’s slap. Those of us in south western British Columbia expect winter to follow rules. Rain forest winter needn’t be complicated, decency dictates adherence to basic guidelines – Relentless rain falls from November to February. Every six weeks or so Arctic outflow overpowers Pacific sogginess. Brief sunshine averts total despair. Temperatures plunge below freezing, we speculate on probability of rain or snow. Occasionally timing breaks monotonous rain, delivering just enough snow to ignite frenzied sales of snow shovels, salt and winter tires. Enough to cripple public transit, close schools, unleash ice bombs from suspension bridges and occupy local media until rain washes it away. Residents tolerate inconvenience because rules stipulate winter has an  obligation to keep snow on the mountains.

December 5, 2016 the first measurable snow since February 2014 invaded my space. Rain forest rules said it could stay a few days, snow made other plans. After three frosty weeks I say enough! Walking home from work tonight required nimbleness of a cat. Are you nuts rain forest winter? Fifteen harrowing minutes to walk two blocks, each step calculated to avert calamity. Thick ice, thin ice, black ice. Ice in the air, ice on the wind, ice locked snow. WTF! Photos snapped along the way can’t begin to illustrate treacherous conditions but take my word – this rain forest winter is not normal.


Children’s Hospital parking lot near my house.


Looking down my street.


More car share vehicles than any city in the world is moot if they can’t pull onto a street. Down the block Car2Go suggests angle parking – it isn’t. I personally abandoned the second car four days ago, no match for thick ice under the snow.

3 thoughts on “Enough With The Snow

  1. I sympathize. We get 4 to 8 inches of snow every year on the foothills of the Jura mountains in France.

    The first rule is that snow should only fall in the ski resorts.

    Failing that, the second rule is that I shovel for a few days and then it melts in a matter of days or weeks.

    But the times when it freezes over to stay for many months until April or May are the cursed years. So far, only a few inches of snow back in November.

    Works for me.

  2. If only the seasons followed rules….

    Which is why we are in Texas and not Wisconsin!

    back in the day we had a 12 family apartment with an 18 car parking lot that needed to be snow blowed — there was no place a plow could push it to, so the snow had to go up and over — for most of 35 years yours truly ended up with the lovely job of snow blowing that lot. I’d be up at some gawdawful hour of the mourning hard at work and by the time I got done blowing it was time to go to “work” and then come come and blow it again…. No… you guys can whine, but if you want to be upset about the snow and winter you need better bona fides than living in Vancouver.

    Just saying…. 🙂 🙂

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