3 thoughts on “NASA View Of Global Warming

  1. Some 3 decades ago we were worried about the hole in the ozone layer. Satellite imagery and the threat of UV damage to life and our skins was enough to convince a world to cut back on CFCs. No problem. Something has changed now.

    There can only be one explanation for ongoing denial of climate change in spite of the images and research that this video shows. Economic interests.

    Given that we already master the technologies to slash fossil fuel burning and that a slight increase in alternative energy investment would most likely allow us to become chemically neutral in our energy production in an other 3 decades, such economically driven climate denial is getting to a point where it is criminal.

    Can we look forward to class actions from our children to the US and other governments for criminal denial of the destruction of our climate? I sure as well hope so.

      • But if anything is clear from Koch and friends, is that they don’t give a rats arse. They only speak dollars.

        To add to our misery, I just googled how renewable energy is growing fast, only to learn that, yes, it will represent 26% of electricity consumption by 2020, but that overall fossil energy consumption is increasing at an alarming rate, some 40% in 20 years. That means that renewables need to grow at at least double that figure to be meaningful…

        This is seriously depressing.

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