Ready To Harmonize Time?

This re-post springs forward from pondering time. At 2 AM my clock screamed 3 AM and I found myself calculating implications of time zone variances for friends and family. Happy Daylight Savings Day 🙂


Named after Pope Gregory XIII, the Gregorian calendar was introduced in 1582 – six years after the death of Luigi Lillio, Italian doctor, astronomer and philosopher credited with conceptualizing replacement of the Julian calendar. Julian, a hail to Julius Caesar, dominated the known world from 45 BC until the Gregorian revolution in 1582.

On average, Earth takes 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 45 seconds to complete one orbit around the Sun. Julian and Gregorian years are 365 days divided by 12 months. What to do with leftover hours, minutes and seconds – both embraced the leap year solution, vastly different implementation exposed Julian’s greatest flaw. Julian added an extra day to February every 4 years, a system resulting in a mathematical gain of one day every 128 years. That’s 3 days every 400 years, 28 days by the time Gregorian reform took hold in 1582 – close to…

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2 thoughts on “Ready To Harmonize Time?

  1. Oh, my head hurts thinking about all this.

    I’ve always had a rather loose relationship with time in the first place. And many a month goes by that I never look at the calendar (Peggy tells me what day it is if I really need to know — like for a doctor’s appointment), and my calendar in the wall is usually a month or two past-date.

    If there’s something I need to do, I do it, I don’t plan it. Of course, were I in the catering business that would suck. But I’m not and this works fine for me — and the idea of adding a mini-month every how-many-years would just mess me up. To say nothing of the fact that I’d never remember if THIS was the year to do that or not.

    Thanks…. but no thanks. Now, can I go back to un-daylight-savings time now?

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