8 thoughts on “For Ark

  1. She’s got a big ass, but kinda cute in her own way… and by the way, when is the Lower Mainland going to get some real sunshine, or are we being punished for something here? Looks like another week of same… Enjoy!

      • Chilliwack resident… since 1964! Fraser river kayaker and whatever. What’s doing for you in Vancouver? If you like “locals” – go over to Lou’s WordPress blog, “Talesfromthelou” and you’ll have a Victoria guy. I met Lou last fall when I was doing a job in Nanaimo. Maybe one day we can all meet somewhere for a day…

      • I left hometown Penticton in 1977, Vancouver resident ever since.Work finds me running events for a major catering company. Lawyer husband of 35 years, three adult children and a dog round out my life. Will definitely check out Lou’s blog, and yes, would love to arrange a face to face 🙂

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