Oppenheimer’s Deadly Toy

Trump and his cabal of nincompoops would find a way to blame fake news, Hillary or Obama for this video. I’m not re-posting for them – this is for people willing to understand that together we can make a difference.


My recent post on Fukushima unleashed a wave of pondering. A friend sent me this link; spend five minutes watching it, then tell me why mankind never learns.

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3 thoughts on “Oppenheimer’s Deadly Toy

  1. I’m not wise enough to know why humans never learn.

    I am, however, old enough to have seen proof that:

    If you give the military a new weapon they are going to want to use it.
    Old men excel at sending YOUNG men to war.
    Each new generation has to prove that they have better ideas than their predecessors.
    The leader who discovers he likes the power of releasing military force is the most dangerous of all.

    and lastly…. I never would have believed that the racial hatred against one black man as President has been so intense that an entire nation of white men are now determined to prove they can be better at ruling than he was….

    It’s sad. It’s truly sad.

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