Exasperation plucks my last nerve. I’m tired of politics, climate debate, religious soap boxes, poverty, racial injustice, gender inequality, gun violence and hate. All we do is wring our hands clucking blah, blah, blah. My news is real, yours is fake, yak, yak, yak. Media bobble heads spoon inane bat shit into gaping mouths of catatonic numskulls hungry for affirmation of their bias. I’m tired of dimwits who parrot partisan absurdity as fact, lunkhead patriots void of independent thought and verbatim regurgitation of misinformed lunacy.

Freedom is tired of her name being taken in vain. I wouldn’t be so tired if  free speech wasn’t masquerading as free to twist whichever reality furthered personal gain, religious agenda or corporate coffer. Wake up!


7 thoughts on “Tired

  1. My only response to this ridiculous idea that perception really is reality beyond a what used to be a marketing ploy is to retreat in the truer realms of reality. In a sense. a Buddhist retreat: enjoy a spring flower; go on an exhausting mountain hike; listening to the sound of one hand clapping; reading Graeme Greene (although “Our man in Havanna” is probably the epitome of fake news becoming real! ).

    And then there is visiting Notestoponder to read about the marvels of space exploration and auroras…!

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