Knock, Knock America – Anyone Home?

Knock, knock America – anyone home?

This is important, hiding behind closed blinds is shameful. Thick coats of indoctrination varnish can’t disguise a dull patina, you’re not fooling anyone but yourselves. Propaganda destroys all you hold dear.

Ponder this snippet of Trumpish dribble yanked from responses to my position on Trump firing FBI Director Comey. Perish the thought this puff chested American might consider truth before parroting malarkey.

On a final note, are you prepared to ask for a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton’s email server scandal, or the Clinton Foundation corruption, or even the hackneyed old Benghazi scandal? No? I didn’t think so. The point is that we consider these accusations against Trump to be bogus political clap trap without an ounce of merit. Why should we legitimize them with recognition?

In addition, given the way that the leftist media openly conspired with Clinton, denigrated Trump endlessly, and even gave material aid to her campaign, by giving debate questions in advance and so forth, maybe it was only right that Trump might have received outside aid. Plenty of American news agencies are inundated with foreigners from top to bottom, and those foreigners openly railed against Trump. Where is the outcry?

That is why we won’t indulge this witch hunt.”

Or this nugget of stewed conservative wisdom –

The left is already imposing severe economic oppression on those who hold ideas they consider in opposition to their own. They mount campaigns to get conservatives fired who say or do even the tiniest thing they consider to be politically incorrect. They sue people and destroy businesses to make a politically correct statement or point.

Social regimentation is very strong in the revolutionary left. Conformity in speech and thought is demanded and punished with social sanctions. One must adhere to the rigid ideology of identity politics and ridicule and socially punish those who simply don’t agree with the extreme identity politics of the revolutionary left.

The revolutionary left appears to want a society with strong autocratic controls, both economically (through redistribution of wealth) and socially, through heavy social and economic sanctions on those who do not conform to the gospel of identity politics and do not conform to the approved speech of the revolutionary left.

Knock, knock America, answer the front door. Whining about Hillary, frosting Trump cakes with layers of conspiracy saccharine and blaming marauding hoards of left wing demons for desiccating America doesn’t alter the fact Donald Trump belongs behind bars.


7 thoughts on “Knock, Knock America – Anyone Home?

  1. If anything these Trump defenders prove that you can redefine reason and get away with it for a while; but only for a short while. Time will show that there is a limit to defending criminals; they will then act all outraged that they were lied to by the President. Imagine that. Lied to!!!

  2. Back in the 80’s I was representing a manufacturer who had a product with some very serious design flaws. The manufacturer was adamant about not admitting fault and refused to honor their warranty by claiming that virtually every related claim was somehow the customer’s fault. I was in the unhappy predicament of being the guy in the field who had to tell customers that they were on the hook for multi-thousand dollar repairs. It was a policy I had no ability to change — and out of the need to maintain some personal self-respect I did what has become an only-too-common thing: I learned to listen to respond, not to hear. I could not do what I honestly thought should be done — I didn’t have the authorization. So, I was forced to sell the company line.

    A virtual stranger said something to me one day, and it hit me with the power of an explosion inside my brain: “You know, your problem is that you know your story too well. You have answers to every question but you can’t really listen what’s being said to you.”

    It was a few scant weeks or maybe months (it’s been long time now) and I was out of there. And having realized the situation I let myself become part of I have never again allowed myself to be put in a position to defend what I knew was wrong.

    I can’t help think that the Republican base is in very much the same position. To acknowledge publicly what everyone else sees as wrong is simply not allowable. Whether they privately know the “other side” (whatever that side may be) is right or not they simply are unable to HEAR the validity of another point of view because their entire self is invested in the current system (as in their job, livelihood, etc.).

    I UNDERSTAND how a person can get into this situation; but I know too how incredibly difficult it can be to stand up and be counted — as it were — on the other side. To do so can be to literally risk one’s entire set of values and all they hold dear in life.

    And yet, failure to do so is inevitably going to cause a crisis that cannot be avoided.

    In my case this experience came about 10 years after Watergate and the stench of collusion and deceit were still wafting in the air. Today, with a median age of 38, over 1/2 of the U.S. population was not even alive in the days of Watergate and the Nixon drama. And moreso, we seem unable to teach ethics to our young or honor to our politicians — so that whilst in 1972 Republicans were outraged by Nixon’s behavior, in 2017 Republican are still supporting and defending this guy. Much has changed.

    And your guess is as good as mine as to where this will all play out.

  3. Reblogged this on Scotties Toy Box and commented:
    I read this post twice. It is written well and I found it helpful in dealing with people who seem to just deny reality. This weekend I was watching a TV show where the moderator was interviewing a republican operative. They wouldn’t give an inch even on things that is settled known facts. Facts meant nothing. His feelings and his wants were the real facts. I was screaming as I watched this. We have to learn how to deal with this new trend taken to the extreme. I found that the pivot no matter what was said to talk about the faults of Hillary was really practiced hard by Kellyanne Conway. I still get so frustrated I can’t deal with these people. But I must learn to reach them without giving into their delusion. My thanks to the author of the post. Hugs

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