Steveston Sea Lion Stupidity

Anyone who’s seen the program When Animals Attack understand it almost always starts with nincompoops too stupid to grasp imminent danger.Yesterday afternoon the dock at Steveston B.C. catapulted stupid to the stratosphere. Hey, lets feed this wild animal! No wait, lets put this child in its face. Hahaha, it tried to kiss her, lets put our child even closer. NO STUPID! It wants to eat her, she looks like food! Hit play and watch stupid in action –


6 thoughts on “Steveston Sea Lion Stupidity

  1. I missed it when I first seen the video, but a marine animal person said that the sea lion showed it’s upset when it raised up to the girl the first time and showed its teeth. Now if a dog jumps at me with while showing its teeth I would know to back off. But because I did not know sea lions I missed the threat and thought it was just a cute play. Sea world has given me a false idea of the playfulness of these type creatures. Hugs

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