Define “Great”

Hard to fathom close to a year has passed since posting wannabe president Trump objections. Looking back, I laughed out loud. Too funny 🙂


Donald Trump’s presidential aspirations march to the beat of “make America great again”. Pardon my ignorance but which model of American greatness does Trump pine for? Does he yearn for America before the civil rights movement ruined everything? Was America great when African Americans knew their place? Might America have been great when entitled white boys avoided the Vietnam draft, conspicuously absent while America forced countless impoverished white and minority citizens to die fighting a pointless war? Did the torch of greatness wane when dastardly liberals insisted women deserve equal pay for equal work?

Wait a minute – I’ll ask a Trump supporter on Quora, Quora’s strict moderation demands polite sincerity, all I need is a straight answer. Oh crap, what was I thinking? America was “great” before Barrack Obama, Obama ruined everything America holds dear. WTF you raving Trump supporter lunatic! I’m dangerously worked up – read this explanation…

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5 thoughts on “Define “Great”

  1. Words have been changed forever.
    great=self entitlement;
    fake news=news I don’t like;
    loser=nasty person=anyone other than successful me;
    lies=anything the loser says;
    truth=anything I say, regardless what I said before;
    integrity=what? Sorry, don’t know.

      • Those sitting back are pondering whether moral leadership is a big deal. If they get of their backsides, they may retain it. If not, the lines will significantly shift and they can regret it like so many good old days. Amazing to watch this happen.

  2. I never realized how deeply racist the USA is until PRes. Obama got elected. I was working in a hospital and it was divided between liberal and conservative along income lines. The higher the income the more restrictive and conservative people were. Before the election I heard the liberals say sadly “he can’t get elected, he’s black” and the conservatives say joyously “he can’t get elected, he’s black”. After Obama was elected the knives came out. We all watched what Mitch Mcconnell was doing, but it went right down to the street level. The retired white people in the mostly retirement age mobile home park I lived in went crazy. They knew the country had gone to hell, they knew the economy had suddenly gotten horrible, they knew the military had been decimated. The thing is everything they knew was wrong. They suddenly knew the former white president did everything correct and the back guy ruined it. It was weird, you could show them the truth of something like debt or the returning jobs, but it seemed they couldn’t see or hear it. Then days after tRump is elected, long before he did anything or made any policy suddenly the same people were saying how the jobs were back, the economy was surging, the debt had started to fall by large amounts. I still don’t understand. I feel lost in all this. Hugs

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