Basement Widow Update

Basement widow hasn’t crossed my mind in a while. Paid a visit after work tonight, snapping a hasty cell phone image of her impressive domain.

Research indicates female black widows have a life span of up to three years. My spider is entering her second basement summer. Rest easy, I’ll update her status every few months.

7 thoughts on “Basement Widow Update

    • Oh my 😦 No, this is not an outside spider. I tolerate her out of fascination and apparent inclination to politely stay put. My husband is on his last nerve, get rid of that spider!

      • I agree with your husband. I showed it to Ron and he asked an important question. ” That one may stay put but what if it has babies, where will they go”? Hugs

  1. I remember a story of an inhabitant of Rotterdam claiming to have seen a Black Widow in her house, presumably imported with some bananas. The police cordoned off the entire street! After many anxious hours it transpired that no such spider was ever there. She just wanted to move to a better council house…!
    And here you are, entertaining us with friendly snaps of your lady friend.
    Perspective is a wonderful thing.

    • I’m not sure “entertaining” the masses with basement widow pics is a good idea. My husband (who loathes spiders) politely pointed out that most people share his sentiments and inclination/fascination to let her be reflects poorly on perception of my sanity. Sigh.

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