Ponder The Mindset Of Trump’s America

News broke today of Mueller officially investigating Donald Trump for criminal obstruction. Being a busy day I didn’t give it much thought until home from work found this comment waiting on my laptop. A unrelated response to an old post in which I pondered what exactly Trump meant by “Make America Great Again”. A comment reminding me Trump supporters are immovable objects impervious to truth, reason or common sense. A comment driving home the fact Trump’s America doesn’t care about obstruction of justice.

What follows was written yesterday. Penned with determination and sincerity indifferent to realities of Trumpish corruption. This is Trump’s America, minds set in righteous monoliths of delusion hewn by opportunistic media manipulation of reality. Read on for an ominous lesson in the power of propaganda and fear –

“I thought “great’ referred to our standing in the eyes of the world. We used be #1 and under obama we were down to #3 or #5. Our schools used to be near the top with several other countries and then we were closer to the bottom. None of this happened quickly, and not just one party is responsible. Obama hurt America faster than the others. I read some of his book and he said that America did not deserve it’s place as Top Dog [my words, not direct quote from the book.] Why not? Should it be a communist nation where freedom is not allowed? Trump wants to get rid of the laws that bog down business growth. How’s that bad? He wants to let us keep our freedom to worship who we want. Obama wanted to take that away and have everyone worship Allah. Obama wanted to change or get rid of our Constitution. That is a unique document that has worked well for generations. Yes times change, but the Constitution remains the same and needs no changes.”

12 thoughts on “Ponder The Mindset Of Trump’s America

  1. I agree.
    “Yes times change, but the Constitution remains the same and needs no changes.”
    The Constitution made for men and women who knew respect and wanted equality.

  2. “This is Trump’s America, minds set in righteous monoliths of delusion hewn by opportunistic media manipulation of reality. ”
    One of the most eloquently written statements I’ve read in a long time. Then, my brain was assaulted by the ignorance of that statement. Where did it come from that I might avoid this void of intellect/reason?

  3. It is a perfectly reasonable statement and probably this person is perfectly reasonable. A tad ill informed and definitely very gullible.

    Perhaps this defines the new great America. “A tad ill informed and definitely very gullible”.

    But then, I’m just being nice because I am in a good mood.

    • Wowza! That’s some good mood. 🙂 Nothing is perfectly reasonable in my mind when someone declares Obama wanted America to worship Allah. Yikes!! That said, in the mind of comment author I’m unreasonable for balking at her calmly reasoned assertions. Truth is I have a long standing relationship with this person and have grown quite fond of her posts (most of which avoid politics) A few years ago suggesting it unhealthy to exchange political views (following her claim of proof Obama was Muslim for bowing to a Saudi prince and my video reply showing Bush kissing an Arab leader – it was a case of tactical retreat over a bloody fight to the death)
      Anyway — I think it’s important to realize the ill informed and gullible honestly believe their bat shit is perfectly reasonable.

      • That was my point and the scary part. If you reason normally based on distorted fact you get bad outcomes. These facts have been very deliberately distorted by alt right and Trump. They have repeated them so often and so effectively that otherwise normal people take them for fact.

        During the Yugoslav Wars in the 90’s neighbours who grew up together and were friends of decades raped each other’s daughters and slit their throats because some Trump-like madman had convinced that those good neighbours were actually dangerous religious fanatics who were going to kill them if they didn’t beat them to it.

        To your point and in my view, sadly the ill-informed and gullible form a vast majority in most populations.

        And yes, I was in very good mood – still am – as I got a new job 🙂

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