What Have I Done

Chances of finding someone who shares relaxed indifference toward a Black Widow spider living 18 months in their basement window are slim to none. Likewise genuine remorse for basement widow’s unceremonious death, or wobbly knee outrage over vacuum hose eradication wielded by a concerned family member. I sulked for weeks, outraged by audacity of family capable of decisive spider intervention while I was away.

“I liked that spider, it wasn’t bothering you!” met “Are you nuts? Have you seen what a Black Widow bite can do?”. Yes I replied, but you don’t understand, this spider liked the basement window. Knowing they acted reasonably didn’t ease the loss of basement widow.

I haven’t told them basement widow’s polite demeanor might have been a peculiar anomaly. Nor have I divulged “what have I done” alarm over recent Black Widow sightings. Widows I might add, who by all appearances lack the courtesy of basement widow. Three Black Widow encounters in the past two days, all eluding attempts to catch and release, not one downstairs where they belong. Oh my, what have I done.

These widows are feisty, smaller and alarmingly craftier than the soothing persona of basement widow. One in windowsill cactus above my kitchen sink, another attempting to claim the bathroom window, a third exuding what you gonna do about it confidence between folds of the spare bedroom curtain. What have I done? Three allowed themselves to be seen, how many lurk unseen.

2 thoughts on “What Have I Done

  1. As you and I are generally on the same page in this department I can say this would be a bit more than slight cause for concern, especially the one you discovered in the curtain folds!
    We know Widows are very reluctant to bite even when pressure is gently applied, and most prefer dark undisturbed corners where there is little traffic ( the button spiders down here prefer this environment at any rate), but unseen and unaware could mean they are in the folds of a dress or bath towel.
    The Long-Legged Sac spider likes to hide in this manner and although I have never caught one in the act, I have been bitten a few times and I’m damn sure it was a Sac spider.
    I believe they have a lifespan of around 12 months. Are these new one likely to be offspring from Basement Widow?

    Just be vigilant for a while and shake you clothes.

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