Goodnight Cassini

When I wake in the morning Cassini will be gone. Her fiery demise, fitting epitaph for an exquisitely orchestrated journey to benefit mankind. The cosmos doesn’t belong to soldiers or politicians, it waits for stoic civil servants dubbed Cassini to give our universe dimension.

A link detailing Cassini’s Grand Finale –

This video is how I say goodnight Cassini, a lullaby of images in honor of a cosmic journey that stole my heart. Goodnight Cassini, sleep well.


6 thoughts on “Goodnight Cassini

    • Well, maybe not. Saturn is a gas giant, and a lot of metal, silicon, copper, yada yada. I hope sincerely the burnout with destroy any, from Saturn’s point of view, xenomorphs. Pristine? Nope. Going in style and honour, doing the best we can? Oh yes

      • It’s mostly the organic pollution we’d want to avoid. Should there be any life, we wouldn’t want to leave our traces. When Cassini was launched, she wasn’t sterilizated.

  1. Fantastic video ~ thank you for all you’ve done to capture the spirit of these flights and exploration (with updates, videos and general introduction of such awesome experiences as space exploration).

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