Season Of Spider Love

In my corner of the world spiders are considered summertime house invaders. With seasonal predictability they arrive on the promise of spring staking claim to the garden. As days lengthen we open windows and doors, inviting spiders into our homes with warm weather indifference. Canadian summers are fleeting, knowing they’ll be gone at first frost excuses occasional household spider drama.

As I write, autumn chill suggests a timely spider farewell – not so fast, this is the season of spider love.

Three species in particular, the Hobo, Barn Tunnel Weaver and “giant house spider” Eratigena Atrica reach sexual maturity in autumn. All three abandon their horizontal sheet or funnel garden webs in search of love. Just when Canadians let their guard fall with autumn leaves, harmless lovelorn spiders appear in bathtubs, basements and bedroom walls.

As spiders go they aren’t behemoth, venomous or likely to bite, all they want is a little love.Take a deep breath, stifle screams, scoop and show them the door.

5 thoughts on “Season Of Spider Love

  1. I am all for the spiders to keep staying in Canada. In fact I am really for all spiders to stay about 500 feet from me. But we all have our favorite pets. 🙂 Hugs

    • I feel the same way about snakes – go figure? My husband is the snake slayer, (which in truth amounts to a nonexistent chance of call to arms ) and I dispatch spiders. It works out quite nicely. He doesn’t worry about spiders and should a snake ever slide up the front stairs, I know he’ll take appropriate action. Mind you, he still has some explaining to do over Mrs. Slithers – the garter snake he brought home in a bucket because our kids begged him to catch it. Who knew she’d promptly give birth to 11 babies. ARGH! 🙂

  2. Nice story. I like spiders. “stifle screams, scoop and show them the door.” Yes, that works well with spiders. I’ve never had one bite me yet… that I know of anyway. I just nudge them into my hand and gently drop them out the door. What they do next, well, I try to telepathically remind them that they are natural creatures and my house is not, so they don’t need it. If I could communicate properly I would explain to them what happened to people after they lost touch with nature and became “housewares” with the totally unnatural lifestyles that go with that: basically globally screwed. I can imagine the spider thanking me and say, “Hey, I get your point. I’m outta here, and thanks for the ride.”

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