Another Will McAvoy Ponder


The clip below isn’t new to this blog, I’ve lost count of how many times Will McAvoy’s scene from HBO’s short lived series The Newsroom  graced this page. I vow to post this over and over again. Not for the certainty most won’t bother to watch, but for the slim chance a handful of Americans might take sentiments of a television news anchor to heart.

14 thoughts on “Another Will McAvoy Ponder

  1. On monday I’m travelling to Moscow. Very excited – this is a place that was far beyond the world I grew in. Wrong side of an old curtain. I will be meeting business leaders and … a deputy prime minister. I don’t expect to see the greatest country in the world, but I suspect that it isn’t far off from the one that claims that title.

  2. But we can change it again if we have the will to do it. I am an older man than the 18 year old idealist who went into first the US Navy and then the US Army. But I still have a voice to use and a will to use it. We are taking a major hit on all I thought we had accomplished right now. But time will give us the grace to fix what we have broken. Maybe we will learn to ask for help and ideas from other countries that have faced our position before. Maybe we will learn some humility and be a bit humble about what we have that we did not earn. I wish I could say for sure , but tonight I wait for the next tweet from the white house mega maniac, to see what the next fire to be put out will be. Hugs

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    • @quirkywritingcorner … I am sorry but as a progressive I do hope that comment was sarcasm. If not please explain to the US progressive liberal just how the liberals are trying to tear down the US? Thanks. Hugs

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