Mad Mike Hughes Update

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“Mad” Mike Hughes – science denier, flat Earth poster boy, daredevil, adrenaline junkie, scrap yard tinkerer, unflappable inventor – had every intention of launching himself in a homemade rocket a mile across the Mojave Desert at 500 mph between 2 and 3 pm this afternoon. Ever the optimist, Mike persevered when his modified motorhome launchpad broke down in the driveway, sadly fate had other plans. Federal authorities delivered a launch cancelling blow – seems landowner permission to launch a homemade steam powered rocket isn’t enough to satisfy the Bureau of Land Management. Ever the optimist, Hughes isn’t bothered by minor set-backs, he plans to try again next week in a location meeting land management guidelines.

Take a video moment to ponder Mike Hughes, he’s growing on me, in no small part from watching this clip –

9 thoughts on “Mad Mike Hughes Update

  1. He looks the part, almost (where’s Chris Lloyd when ya need him?). I prefer my mad inventors to be a little more … vibrant?

    This guy is just too laid back. Perhaps that’s what frightens bureaucracy …

    • Not believing IN something doesn’t mean one can’t use it. In fact believing IN something guarantees that thing (whatever it is, God or Science) has become an idol. You see, it’s that little step from faith (believing IN) and knowing by experience. I don’t believe IN science either, that would mean I worship it, or trust it. But of course I not only realize I’m living in a scientifically designed world, I use its products all the time. Just like last night watching that incredible video from Hubble. That’s a product of science, but it didn’t make me want to worship Hubble, or whatever created it. Because “science” is real, I don’t have to believe IN it. For myself, I have a saying that works quite well: believe all things, believe in nothing.

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