2018 Top Writer Nod

Fired up the laptop after work, a message from Quora politely delivered news I had been named a Top Question Writer 2018. Aw shucks Quora, you just made my day. Top Question Writer 2 years in a row? Yep, a click on my profile page confirmed the distinction.

Image result for quora top question writer 2018

Most people haven’t heard of Quora, obscurity of being named a top writer isn’t lost on me. Personal satisfaction stems from recognition of content, not followers or views. Tomorrow I’ll forget about another top writer nod, tonight I’ll grin like a mad fool

13 thoughts on “2018 Top Writer Nod

    • Wow, you did that – outstanding πŸ™‚
      Work doesn’t leave much time for answers, it’s tough enough to keep up with comments on my questions. Stat wise, questions “What is the most psychologically damaging thing you can say to a child?” and “As an adult what is the most shocking contradiction to history you learned as a child?” rank first and second at 2.5 million and 1.94 million views – both with 100s of answers and follows. πŸ™‚

      • Now I’m pondering question vs answer people. Very distinctive to united on the same intellectual ground. I think therefore I am (questions) vs I am therefore I think (answers). Need to ponder this some more.

      • Hmm, ponderous indeed. Speaking for myself, questions are a tool of engagement honed over decades working in hospitality. 5 minutes and a handful of queries plucked from my arsenal of situation appropriate questions, are all I need to know what makes a client tick.
        Human nature thrives on opportunity to express personal opinion – questions exist to grease expression of perspective. Questioner by nature serves me well.

      • As an answer guy, I pose questions for the purpose of their answers. Always looking for closure and this create understanding. The scientist in me wants to understand; the engineer wants to build mental edifices. We make a wonderful pair Notes.

    • Precisely πŸ™‚ Every few months I glance at my Quora stats, end up scratching my head. As of tonight, over 10 million views. My highest daily WordPress views sit at 484, most views a day on Quora – 67,432. It doesn’t make any sense! Who knew good question writing was a skill worthy of recognition. πŸ™‚

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