Behemoth Supermoon

Trumpeting moon talk announced the arrival of 2018. Tonight a behemoth supermoon hangs in the sky – of 13 full moons and 14 lunar perigees in 2018, this is the closest full moon and lunar perigee alignment of the year. ( A supermoon happens when the full moon coincides with the moon’s closest approach to Earth in its orbit. ) Tonight is the second of 3 consecutive supermoons.

Technically close and bright as tonight’s supermoon shines, January 31, 2018 promises to steal the show. This third supermoon in a row is a blue supermoon (second full moon in a calendar month ), one that will pass through Earth’s shadow, delivering a full lunar eclipse.Follow this link for eclipse in your time zone –

Can’t sign off without a moon song –

5 thoughts on “Behemoth Supermoon

  1. Looks like we have a cloud cover tonight in Chilliwack. But I made up for it by watching Cher’s and Nicolas Cage’s old movie, Moonstruck. La Luna Bella, eh?

      • Got through the mess of ice rain/snow/ice rain/snow. Had to buy a snow blower, no choice there as I and neighbours were snowed in, but no accidents, no crashed trees or power lines nearby, not even power loss. The folks in the mountains weren’t so lucky. New years’ eve though our hospital service was overrun – I’m on the neighbourhood “hospital run” for those who can’t drive themselves – wow, 6 hour wait to see a triage nurse in emergency and all of their ambulances were on hold at the hospital with heart attack victims in each one, unable to download into the hospital: no beds, no room, no staff. You’d think we’d just experienced a Donald Trump air raid… I had to pinch myself to remind myself this is Canada, that I wasn’t driving bombing raid victims in Syria or Afghanistan. What would happen in a real emergency? Fucking predator capitalist system, unbelievable! But guaranteed the sheeple will dutifully go to the polls and make their X for another politician of the right colour next time there is a lottery, I mean, an election. But hey, I slipped into 2018 hopefully unnoticed, with hardly a ripple! I don’t do wishes but as they said in “A Bridge too far”: Hold until relieved!

    • Quote: “What’s Yahweh got against us South Africans is what I want to know?” Oh boy, now that’s a loaded question!!! Coming from a “South” Canadian I’ll say this: He’s got nothing against us, we’re living in one of his “Bible Belt” colonies here, the ones he draws on to support his alt-right politicians and wars.

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