First Page, Second Result

Mine is a predictable blog world. Daily views hover within expected constants. Every few weeks views spike sharply, an anomaly driven by a random viewer browsing hundreds of posts in one go. Followers, views and statistical analysis mean nothing, but search term directed traffic is fascinating. Specifically – why “core 7” generates more traffic than all other search terms combined.

This afternoon blog views went crazy, hourly visits grew in hundreds rather than familiar dozens. “Hey, cool” I remarked to my husband, “looks like someone is blitzing my blog again”, then promptly forgot about it until a few hours ago.

Usually rogue view spikes subside within a few hours, this one was anything but normal. For the first time in Notes history a investigation took shape.

Looking for anything abnormal, Reddit leapt off the list of search referral engines. Not now or ever a Reddit member, I watched as referrals jumped from 10, 20, 30… A click on Reddit took me to “What is Core 7?”, followed by an answer comment with nothing but a link to this blog. Wow, OK, curious but explains a lot. On a whim I Googled “core 7” – there I was, first page, second result –

I don’t know what it takes to appear on the first page of a Google search, but there I am courtesy Reddit and my top traffic generating search term. Go figure.

Image result for core 7 egypt



6 thoughts on “First Page, Second Result

  1. Wow! Great stuff! I am gradually getting back onto blogs I unsubscribed from when I went away. . .have found that I must comment to get re-subscribed. Done! 🙂 Happy New Year ‘Notes!!

  2. Congratulations. Every now and again I get a similar result when someone shares a post of mine on facebook. It normally is a post I did a long time ago on a large alligator. People get really animated about the subject and my hits go up by 30 to 40 thousand viewers. The first few times it scared me, and always people want to argue about the post and leave nasty comments to each other. I ignore it now. Like you I rarely look at the stats unless I get a notice of a problem. Have a great start to the new year. Hugs

  3. Wow~! No kidding, I consider myself flourishing if I get more than dozen hits any one post.

    Possibly people don’t like dogs—hell, I was born with this face~! Sniff …

  4. —and interest in ancient Egypt, especially the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx of Gizeh, is growing day by day. (Why is that?)

  5. I will never understand the intricacies of blog promotion or why on earth people search for the things they search for. Congrats. Whether intended or not it’s still good news/visibility. 🙂

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