Ponder newspeak of shithole Trump –

“George Orwell warns us in his dystopian novel 1984 that authoritarianism begins with language. In the novel, “newspeak” is language twisted to deceive, seduce and undermine the ability of people to think critically and freely.

Donald Trump’s unapologetic bigoted language made headlines again Thursday when it was reported he told lawmakers working on a new immigration policy that the United States shouldn’t accept people from “shithole countries” like Haiti. Given his support for white nationalism and his coded call to “Make America Great (White) Again,” Trump’s overt racist remarks reinforce echoes of white supremacy reminiscent of fascist dictators in the 1930s.” –

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10 thoughts on “Shithole

  1. People get what they deserve, no? Or is The Donald an ‘act of God’?

    Would (shudder~!) The Hillary have been any better? Is Big D simply a sign pf the times? Isn’t America a ‘democracy’ and can’t they just vote the bum/s out? Oh dear …

    • And isn’t it possible that he may even be right? I’ve never been to Haiti … anybody care to make a knowledgeable comment—is it really as (so succinctly) put by ol’ POTUS?

  2. Quote: “Trump’s overt racist remarks reinforce echoes of white supremacy reminiscent of fascist dictators in the 1930s.” Exactly what I’ve been saying and writing. Trump speaks the vernacular of “the deplorables” and they’re lovin’ it! If he’s successful, he’ll become Heil Trump! and if he’s even more successful he’ll bring his war(s) home. Then it won’t be so much fun but who cares?

  3. Drump is what he is. He isn’t going to change, and he has no interest in changing. He showed us who he was before the election and people voted for him anyway. So why are we <> acting surprised when he reveals a little more of himself? Except of course for the fact that some of us can’t believe the depths to which his character are taking the U.S. public and the country.

    But to be fair, I’m sure U.S. generals have said as much and worse when talking about “enemies” — the military approach to war is to dehumanize the enemy to make them more killable. No one wants to kill the librarian living in a country 10,000 miles away; but it’s easier to get a soldier to pull the trigger of that same person is a reprehensible terrorist, or a pile of sh*t. People of power think nothing of talking down about others. Because <> and the ‘others’ don’t. When we hear words like this in print it simply reiterates what we know: the rich and powerful have no respect for the poor and powerless. Their corporations aren’t interested in helping them either. Their corporations exist only to make more money and if keeping a nation poor and on the edge of starvation serves that purpose then it’s fine with them.

    The more important question to ask is how long with the average citizen stand by without actually DOING something about what they see happening…

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