Ancestry DNA

Ponder Ancestry DNA courtesy a new TV ad. Who knew 30 seconds of advertising could make me this grumpy. The clip opens with a man glancing over a tall fence at his new neighbor. They exchange awkward silence, the man fumbles with his phone, then forces a weak hello. New neighbor responds in kind with a distinct Irish accent. The man looks away – no welcome to the neighborhood, polite introduction or attempt at pleasantries – without another word he looks down at his phone. Seems unfriendly tongue tied man is viewing Ancestry DNA, results indicate he is part Irish. Inhospitable man evaporates, a voice over gushes praise for Ancestry DNA breaking barriers, bringing people together and proving we have more in common than we think. We see the man beaming animated chatter with Irish neighbor, Ancestry DNA saves the day.

Did I mention both men are white? Two white men who couldn’t look each other in the eye until DNA revealed a smidgen of shared ancestry. WTF! If this isn’t messed up I don’t know what is.

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3 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA

  1. I think they may have been trying to promote”resistance genealogy” (see my post from a couple of days ago) but they really missed the mark with this.

  2. OFFS. I used to work on advertising, and I know that it can work when you come at things sideways. This is simply crass. And let me tell you something. I’m not surrendering my DNA to ANYBODY. I had a bad enough time when the cops wanted a sample, I refused, and they simply said, ‘Then we have to restrain you.’
    This out fit may well be a bunch of charlatans anyway. The time for analysis is way too short, for one thing. For another. OFFS read this again.

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