Oh Canada

In 2016 Bill C-210, “An act to amend the National Anthem Act (Gender)  passed by majority in the Canadian House of Commons.Few Canadians noticed, it wasn’t front page news or subject of editorial debate. Until yesterday this Canadian hadn’t heard the name Mauril Belanger – Ottawa MP, author of and driving force behind C-210, a man stricken with ALS who lived long enough to witness first passing of legislation to make our national anthem gender neutral.

The far right is curious not complicated. Beneath the frosting of abortion rights and same sex marriage, gelatinous layers of gender neutral scorn burble righteous contempt for equality. Lest we underestimate conservative outrage, indignant gender neutral anthem opposition prevailed for 18 months. Enter Independent Ontario Senator Frances Lankin, no nonsense supporter of Belanger’s Bill who took charge of archaic nonsense on January 30. Lankin tabled a motion to shut down debate, effectively forcing a Senate vote on C-210. The senate speaker accepted and set time for voting January 31. Well played Frances – Senate voted in favour of a gender neutral national anthem. All that stands in the way of replacing “in all thy sons command” with “in all of us command” is formality of royal assent.

Oh Canada, you tickle my toes. Last week government refused summer student employment grant money to anti-abortion, anti-gay organizations. Effective immediately applicants must tick a box asserting  the organization asking for funding to help hire summer students does not have a core mandate or job descriptions that conflicts with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms or with other fundamental rights enjoyed by Canadians.Before conservative dust bunnies had a chance to settle, along comes gender neutral amendment to our national anthem.

Kudos Canada, you make me proud.

‘The right side of history’: New gender-neutral national anthem lyrics pass Senate despite Conservative protest

A bill to make Canada's national anthem gender neutral has passed the Senate.


9 thoughts on “Oh Canada

  1. I’ve been singing “in everyone’s command” for years now. Also, I drop the ‘God’ from that line. .. so easy. I wished they’d asked me! 🙂

    • I’m trying to picture right wing American response to federal legislation banning government funding/grant money for anti-abortion, anti-gay organizations – nope, can’t do it. Conservative America can blither constitutional froth till blue in the face, but everyone knows Christian freedom doesn’t translate to constitutional rights for all citizens. Gender neutrality – a concept far beyond biblical comprehension, and oh so un-American. Sigh. Wish every American could live for a year in Canada, by year end they’d understand the meaning of freedom. 🙂

      • The right wing eveangicals would have a stroke if they thought those things might be passed in the US. I can’t wait till we get them out of power and marginalized so they can’t hurt the rest of us. Hugs

  2. I think that now Ladies have shown how clever they are by fighting for—and getting—the right to go to war and get their bits blown off (which face it, is only fair, no?); then the next step has to be ‘Kid’s Lib’ and we can begin by (a) giving the right to vote to everyone (r) everyone capable of fogging a mirror, and (b) boosting the armed forces by recruiting direct from (and in~!) kindergarten.

    Did I just detect some sort of ‘agist’ whimper out there?

  3. People are getting upset about the change of the Lyrics to “Oh Canada” to make it gender neutral. Well, originally it was. So if you’re upset about “Thy Sons” being taken out, remember that it was added in after the fact to encourage young men to go to war.

    The “Original English Lyrics to “O Canada” by Robert Stanley Weir, 1908” goes:
    O Canada! Our home and native land!
    True patriot love thou dost in us command.

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