Ponder The Known Universe

Inspired by Digital Universe Atlas ( definitive four dimensional map of our universe maintained by astrophysicists at the American Museum of Natural History ) the museum created The Known Universe, part of their 2009 exhibit Visions of the Cosmos.

The Known Universe –


8 thoughts on “Ponder The Known Universe

  1. This is so humbling. Not only are we specs of dust on the earth, even our sun is a speck of dust in the universe. Even our first radio signals are so incredibly local at the universe’s scale that if ever some remote intelligent civilization with technology that surpasses ours by a billion years, if ever they were to look at earth, they would not, almost not ever, be able to detect our activities.

    We are like the dot below:



    The best we can do get over it and is have a good time.

    Thanks for this wonderful perspective.

  2. That was fun~boom boom!

    Your point being?

    (Excuse me while I get down on my knees and thank God for safe and timely deliverance, and for protecting me whilst journeying around His glorious cosmos …)

      • I wonder how many of those universeseseses out there have planets (Earth-like ones) and how many of them have Gods, and how many also have THE only Son of God …

      • John Zande is credited with informing me a 17th century scholar published assertion the rings of Saturn were actually remnants of holy foreskin courtesy circumcised baby Jesus – flying foreskin that leapt for heaven but only got as far as Saturn. Speaking of foreskin – worked a bris a few years ago, after everyone left I found the foreskin in a coffee cup. WTF!

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