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New York gun enthusiast destroys his AR-15 rifle on camera in wake of Florida shooting

Over 30 years ago American Scott-Dani Pappalardo legally purchased an AR-15 assault rifle. On his arm a Second Amendment tattoo embodies Pappalardo’s fondness for shooting, he lives and breathes the right to bear arms. Now – suspend belief, ponder what happens when a gun supporter inked with the 2nd amendment behaves like a rational human being –

10 thoughts on “#oneless

  1. And I thought the founding brothers made a mistake about not mentioning slavery in the constitution –abolishing it that is. It was a different time, I agree, but when are we going to end this madness. The world sees us a a society gone insane–and not just because the Donald was elected President. When will America wake up?

  2. If I had a gun, I would cut it up too. #oneless

    But I don’t have a gun. I grew up in Amsterdam at a time when knife crime was rife, including among adolescents like myself. But there was a simple logic that kept me and many safe.

    If you don’t carry a knife, you won’t be tempted to use it and harm someone.
    If you don’t carry a knife, a would be assailant does not need to make a pre-preemptive attack and believe me, they can tell by the look on your face that you have one.
    If you don’t carry a knife, you avoid people and places that are potentially dangerous. You learn to read the signs.
    I never carried a weapon of any sort and have only once been threatened (in a country where I didn’t know how to read the signs).

    Cut them up please. You will be safer without. #oneless gun. #oneless child killed.

  3. Mixed emotions myself … I’ll bet that hurt.

    Living in an effectively ‘gun-free’ country it’s hard to understand weaponed places—but I’m in no position to pass judgement.

    I always enjoyed shooting, not for the ‘power’ and ‘manly orgasms’ it’s meant to give (?) but for the tech challenge and skills (and, face it, camaraderie). I was ever a mediocre shot anyway (and a wimp—I put cotton wool in my ears before anyone considered ear-muffs as a good idea).

    • #oneless is very specific, it stands for abolition of assault rifles. Assault rifles exist to inflict mass casualties with swift efficiency. No position to pass judgement? How about naming one good reason why banning mass casualty guns somehow threatens man’s quest for power induced jerking off. Yep, I’m mad!

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