Send Your Name To The Sun

Ponder your name on a microchip aboard a car sized solar probe traveling 692,000 Km/hour around the Sun. Imagine that probe entering the Suns’ atmosphere. How cool would it be if the first mission to trace how energy and heat move through the solar corona carried your name. Would you see the Sun with fresh eyes knowing your name was part of an endeavor to explore solar wind?

The Parker Solar Probe begins a seven year, seven gravity assist Venus flyby, 93 million mile journey to the Sun in summer 2018. To commemorate humanity’s first visit to a star, NASA issued an open invitation – send your name to the Sun. Deadline, April 27, 2018. Get on board atΒ  –

Learn more at –

6 thoughts on “Send Your Name To The Sun

    • Stellar idea, love the imagery – only hiccup, you won’t be alive to witness it. That said, cremation ash to diamond prices start at $3,000, cheaper than a lot of funerals. Hmm, you might be on to something. Personally, an industrial diamond drill tip boring holes across Enceladus strikes me as an exquisite end. πŸ™‚

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