Ponder Fox News

By virtue of proximity and despite two dedicated news sources of our own, Canadian businesses favor CNN. Without exception, hotel bars, financial institutions and corporate offices display muted CNN backdrops. Fox is a non-issue, Canadians shun twisted babble contrary to the fibre of our collective identity. In 2010 while working at a Hilton hotel two American businessmen entered the bar. Immediate disdain for CNN enveloped the room, protestation vocalized as “Communist News Network” preceded their first sip of Jack Daniels. As manager on duty it fell on me to politely explain Fox wasn’t an option.

Communist News Network, a disquieting statement spoken with ease of a baseball score. Right wing America had my attention, those three words delivered a epiphany – dismissive scorn for all things Fox was lazy, conduct no different than knee jerk conservative condemnation of CNN. Distasteful as it might be, Fox loomed as a necessary evil. The only way to defeat an adversary is to know them.

Thus began sporadic exploration of the world according to Fox. Not for the faint of heart, Fox immersion requires fortitude.

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Tonight, ten Fox minutes was all it took to glean the following –

Democrats are the bane of America. By refusing to work with Trump on issues of commonality, the left undermines America’s future. Democrats are behind the “war on culture” – despite Trump having the highest approval rating of any president in U.S. history, left wing cultural attacks such as Stormy Daniels erode the institution of democracy. Democrats had the audacity to think a sex scandal could crack Trump support.

Trump economic reforms have resolved race issues in America. Al Sharpton is a publicity seeking headline hunter whose appearance at Stephon Clark funeral in Sacramento proves a desperate attempt to fuel racial discord.( Clark was a unarmed black man killed March 18 by Sacramento police, officially in self defense. Clark’s family hired an independent pathologist, that report stated he was shot 7 times in the back and an 8th time in the thigh after falling to the ground )

Hillary is crooked as ever. Crooked as they come for fees related to speaking engagements.

AR15 rifles are no different than shotguns, both fire precisely the same way. March For Our Lives student activists are puppets of bleeding heart Hollywood elites.

Fox commands propaganda. Much as revulsion calls for snickering guffaws, each and every one of us needs to suck it up long enough to experience first hand manipulation of collective sentiment. Trump’s America is a reality, Fox propaganda aims to keep it that way. Stop laughing at absurdity, it isn’t funny anymore. Scrape your mind off the wall. Fake news is alive and well at Fox – experience it, acknowledge it, call it out, demand legislation to regulate it.


8 thoughts on “Ponder Fox News

      • Perilous? Maybe it differs from person to person. Personally, I have found I gain no benefit from being up to date with the news as it often has/had a habit of influencing the way I think.

        Therefore, for me, most of the ”News” – even the local stuff – has little direct effect on my day to day life ( business etc) so why must I pay attention to it?

        When I worked in the city, there was a period we had the radio on in the salon and it was tuned to a local talk show.
        We soon found that we were all desperately trying to follow conversations and as so many of the topics were often based on local conditions here in SA you can well imagine that race etc featured almost all the time in some capacity or another.
        Before long such rubbish began to consume staff and clients alike.
        We realised what was going in so we put a stop to it and went back to having background music.
        Much safer!
        And work went smoother and the smiles returned.

  1. Breeding discord and discontent is profitable business, one wouldn’t expect the likes of fox to be ended anytime soon. Not without government intervention, and that given the political climate in the US, seems unlikely.

  2. Whenever I return back to the States, I will eventually flick on FOX and it is a contest to see how long I can stay on this channel – not kidding, while I’ve made it past a minute I do not think I’ve ever lasted for more than two. Extremists on either the left or right make me lose faith in humankind 🙂

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