There Is Peace Even In The Storm

“There is peace even in the storm” – Vincent Van Gogh

Involuntary elation is a thing of beauty. We all harbor exhilaration triggers, a uniquely personal, undeniably human emotional response to unexpected experiences. One of my earliest childhood memories is an emotional response to severe weather. A oppressively hot summer afternoon dotted with ritual counting of seconds between lightening strike and thunderous percussion. Inclement perfection culminating in the mother of all thunderstorms. To this day every hair on my body stands in awe of stormy punctuation.

3 thoughts on “There Is Peace Even In The Storm

  1. It’s common to think of “perspective” from the aspect of VANTAGE POINT but not in reference to time. We live through these awesome events, but because they unfold before our eyes in to us normal time we tend to think little of them until the ferocity is emphasized by a change in scale: time, or damage, or volume, or odor. Miracles are like that.

    I’ve wondered about a lot of things; would they seem less normal it they happened faster, or louder, etc.. or even politics, would dRump seem so outrageous if he had done in 8 years the outrageous act that have happened in little more than 1. Scale is important. But like Gulliver we think all thinks are normal only when we are in our own world… and not in someone else’s.

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