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Transient – mesmerizing, primal, inspirational, humbling, freaking incredible. Filmmaker /photographer Dustin Farrel spent the summer of 2017 traveling 20,000 miles around the United States of America capturing lightening strikes at 1,000 frames per second.

6 thoughts on “Transient

  1. Really in credible. Watched it twice–wishing it were longer. There’s a poem in there I think. Reminded me of KOYAANISQATSI–(google it) which I think you would love–music by Philip Glass. It was mesmerizing…Smiles>KB

  2. I admire people who take a difficult road to create something they love ~ this video is mesmerizing, gave me pause to think of the forces of nature while enjoying the show.

  3. You guys have real weather~! Boom boom!
    (Interesting to see the horses instinctively keeping their heads down — no fun being the tallest object in the field sometimes.)

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