Death By Selfie

Earlier this week Prabhu Bhatara left a wedding near Pharsaguda, India. Compelled by a full bladder he pulled off the road to relieve himself in the forest. Bhatara spots an injured bear, moves in for a moron with wounded bear selfie. Amateur video captured his mauling and death. Had Bharta stopped posting selfies long enough to watch the news, he might have known barely a week had passed since a Indian taxi driver succumbed to an eerily similar bear maul selfie death. Truth is, 60% of all selfie deaths occur in India, that’s 76 of 127 recorded global selfie deaths between March 2014 and September 2016. A statistic alarming enough to prompt government intervention. Mumbai has banned selfies in 16 high risk locations.

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Death by selfie begs the question, why India? Temptation to reason proportionate population only goes so far. During the same period only 8 Americans died by selfie. China admits to a paltry 4 selfie deaths, not one of them by bear. Ponder death by selfie the next time an injured bear finds you watering the forest. Death by selfie is far from epidemic. That said, it’s worth noting that statistically selfie death is more likely than death by shark.

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What drives selfie obsession to pepper social media with still life caricatures? Social media created a generation of me-bots. “Look at me, look what I’m eating, look where I am”. Me, me, me. Happy face, goofy face, glamour pose. Look, I’m having fun, don’t I look pretty, don’t hate me for being fabulous. Hate to break it to you me-bot, but nobody cares. If you’re so fabulous, hand your camera to someone else and let them capture how the world sees you. Trust me, death by selfie extends beyond a handful of accidental screw-ups. Don’t be a me-bot, put that selfie stick down.


10 thoughts on “Death By Selfie

  1. I don’t have a selfie stick.
    I don’t take selfies.
    With a face like mine, not only no selfies but anyone dum’ enough to get close enough to point a camera in my direction will get mauled to death … could that be rated “death by NOT-selfie”?

  2. What can you do when our Prime Minister embraces the trend?
    Be that as it may, I have a sick sense of humour, so I laughed my ass off at the statement by the wildlife officer who said the bear was being treated for its injuries. Karma’s a bitch!

  3. A couple of years ago one of my nieces told her mom sheepishly that her friend was in hospital. It took almost a week to establish that the girls were taking selfies on the motorway with speeding cars with terror stricken drivers in the background. The girlfriend didn’t jump fast enough and only barely survived. The police on site shook their heads: this was the third one that week. Never mind idiots with bears, our kids find easier options right outside our homes.

  4. Vanity is a curse. And mixing excitement with vanity must be one of Nature’s ways of thinning the herd.

    I don’t have a selfie stick. I have thought about buying one only because my arm isn’t long enough to take good pictures of Peggy & myself that show more than just our heads — so the idea of sharing where we’ve been in a selfie kind of doesn’t work cuz all you see are heads. But I can’t bring myself to actually DO it.

    This might be another good reason not to. 🙂

    But then I’m not in a big hurry to go cuddle up to a bear, or a bison, or even a badger!

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