Storm Outfall

Our Canada Day began with a freeway jaunt out to Cloverdale, ended with a 40 kilometer detour to Steveston on a circle route back home. Two festivals in one afternoon, two demographically opposite communities, two experiences evoking the same impression – Canada is a positive nation.

A photo my husband took last night featured the word “positivity” screened on the t-shirt of a young man. Canadian values make positivity possible. Separation of church and state, inclusiveness, gender equality, gay rights, universal healthcare, anti hate legislation and absence of fake news allow positivity to flourish.

Canadians don’t declare ours the greatest nation on Earth, identify as patriots, tolerate partisan propaganda under the guise of free speech, sleep with a gun on the nightstand, live in fear of racial/faith based violence or impose mandatory quotas on number of detained refugees.

Canada is considered a polite nation. This Canadian wants you to know, good manners are born of positivity. Happy one hundred and fifty first birthday Canada.

Absentee President

Embrace Serendipity

Why do we have an absentee President?  We have all heard about absentee landlords who run their properties into the ground, and take advantage of their tenants.  Well, I gotta tell you that 45 is behaving like an absentee President.

Let’s just tick off a few boxes.

After any presidential election there is a process by which the outgoing administration aids the incoming administration with transition.  There were a good number of articles in late 2016 and early 2017 that documented the fact that the incoming administration was not interested in anything that the outgoing administration had to offer.  They refused to be part of almost all attempts to fill in the gaps about what needed to be done to keep the government running, to maintain our position in the world, etc.  But this administration wanted no help from them.

Since then the current administration has been extraordinarily slow in…

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