I, too, believe the women

I don’t care who you are. All that matters is reading, pondering and sharing this post.

Embrace Serendipity

I wanted to share/post this indictment against men not just because of the points it makes against 1/2 of the world’s population, but also because it is so far from being a comprehensive list.  In spite of the horrors here detailed, these are but the things polite society dares speak about and there are far worse things than these which the sophisticated and the cultured among us will never acknowledge.

Nor are the problems restricted to the U.S.,  Change the nouns around a little and you can find their comparables in many countries around the world.  And we haven’t even mentioned the atrocities and the abuses that occur in war; when the worst in man is too often revealed…. and then shuffled under the rugs of secrecy.

Please, read it with understanding and when you’re done ask yourself what you can do to help prevent one such form of abuse…

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Fight Sexual Urges


I couldn’t make this up if I tried. The following is actual copy for Anti-Masturbation Gum or Cream if you prefer to cheat a little….

“Do you struggle with uncontrollable urges? Do you risk death when driving by being unable to keep your hands where they belong? Your days of uncontrollable touching, stroking, rubbing or whatever term you like are over. Say goodbye to calloused and rug burned skin with the careful use of any of these anti masturbation products.

Anti-masturbation gum is preferred by many due to its ability to be used at any time no matter where you are. It has a quick response time so if you’re suddenly plagued by those old standby feelings you can put an immediate stop to them. Your days of embarrassing agony are gone forever as long as you keep a fresh pack of anti-masturbation gum in your pocket at all times.

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