29 Cents And Counting

Drove home at 2 am, couldn’t say what day it was and didn’t care, work wasn’t expecting me back for 11 luxurious hours. Eleven hours reminded exhaustion there’s more to life than work. Noticeable layers of dust cloaked my laptop, all I wanted was time to catch up on WordPress. Forcing hindsight to explain how I let work topple my love for daily ponders could wait, I had eleven hours – two at my laptop, one to wind down and fall asleep, seven at rest, another to wake, shower and get myself back to work.

I didn’t need hindsight wagging her finger to know I’d stretched myself too thin. I might have happily opened WordPress and left it at that, but no, I had to open Quora and ruin my life.

For perspective, WordPress is my first love, Quora a dangerous affair. WordPress feeds my soul, Quora delivers esteem building strokes, strokes in the form of Top Writer affirmation and more views in a day than WordPress musters in a month. I hate myself but can’t stop. Trouble is, there aren’t enough hours for WordPress let alone Quora.

Back to eleven hours and a dusty laptop. I wanted to ponder October meteor showers on WordPress. Opening my laptop for the first time in days created a maelstrom of conflicted direction. Best guess being checking Quora stats before settling into WordPress stemmed from innocent desire to get it out of the way, who knew a private message would ruin my life.

Quora moderation invited me to enroll in the Partners Program. What Partners Program? I only have eleven hours and you’re choosing tonight to personally invite me to enroll for paid content? Register a PayPal account, keep asking great questions, blah, blah, blah. What fresh hell is this? I don’t have time!

Cosmic ponders went unspoken, my laptop slammed shut, I crawled into bed. One week and 72 work hours later I dusted off the screen, what choice did I have but to play along with Quora? Enrollment took a few minutes, my first question took a few more. As of tonight I’ve earned 29 cents, 29 convoluted cents awarded to an overworked caterer who only wants to ponder the cosmos. I need my head examined! Sigh.

3 thoughts on “29 Cents And Counting

  1. Hi Notes, funny that. I’ve been doing 6 day weeks and 12 hour days for several months and worry about my sanity if not my capacity to keep this up. I only plan to work a few more years so perhaps it is the sight of the finish line that spurs me on. Not that I will get there faster or anything.
    I was in Quora for several years as an answerrer rather than a questioner. Found myself delighting in getting millions of views in one answer (how I hacked phones back in the eighties). Occasionally I would be dragged into a tiff over something I had dared to say. Then one day some punk (an old kid still living with his mom) got me mad about some fuck-you-old-guy type type response when I realized that it’s all fake. The whole pursuit of views and upvotes. I’m sure they are real but the pursuit is just another pointless addiction. So I did what I occasionally do. I deleted my account and ensured that all answers were permanently removed. No way back.

    No sense of loss, just relief. Back to the real world. Except that I’m now working 12 hour days. Time to delete that too…!

    PS no moral to this story about Quora, just the world according to genetic fractals. Take care if yourself.

    • No moral perhaps, but good insight. 🙂 I post far more questions than answers, my activity follows a pattern – compose a question during the 15 minute commute home from work, login, check my stats, toss out the question and collapse in bed. I consider myself a conversation starter one who pops in and pops out without meddling. I only have a few hundred followers but my content is honest and genuine, certainly not calculated to increase my stats. What’s so intoxicating is the fact I don’t have time or inclination to orchestrate click bait, but somehow my content is popular enough to be named top writer and invited to be paid for content. Yes I know it doesn’t matter, obviously I’m not particularly clever or special, granted I’m a pawn, but after 70 hours in a work week why care. Sigh.

  2. It IS addictive, this being able to say anything you want. Satisfying too, to a degree—but in the long run it’s hardly productive.

    On my blog I have lots of names listed as ‘Followers’. Occasionally some drift in, give a ‘Like’ or two, maybe sometimes even leave a relevant comment … but they are mostly folks fishing for approval or a visit; too often trying desperately to get a return visit to their own site where they are offering all sorts of wonderful goodies … for a price.

    Your time is precious so ration it carefully and use it wisely—you know, the old “healthy mind in a healthy body” sort of thing. And now ponder this: blogging is a form of mental masturbation. (Achieves nothing but feels good at the time.)

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